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Balayage Technique

Balayage is a hair coloring technique that involves creating, by hand, subtle, natural looking highlights and lowlights, without using folis.

The differences between Balayage and Ombre hair , especially that they are often compared, are:

While the Balayage is a technique that subtly blends your root color with the rest of your mane, ombre is a trend with a stark contrast between shades. With ombre, the mid-lengths to ends of your hair are typically fully saturated with color – so if you are going for a look with more dimension, balayage is the better option.

The difference between Balayage and Highlights

The difference between the two is that balayage is a hand-painted technique, whereas traditional highlights are created only with foils.

Also a great advantage of these procedures is that depending on your base color and your specific look, you can go 8 to 12 weeks until you will have to repeat the procedure.