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Hair removal

Permanent hair removal

The 808 nm diode laser represents a new frontier in permanent hair removal, entrusted to laser technology. Hair removal by means of a laser diode has soon become highly valued for its speed of execution and treatment effectiveness.

A smooth, silky and perfectly epilated skin is the dream of every woman and more recently even men. For this reason, Hilaser allows safe, long-lasting, effective treatments but at the same time it is gentle even in the most sensitive areas. Ideal for progressive hair removal treatments, Hilaser can be used safely on the face, groin, armpits, arms, chest, legs and back.

Why choose it? Laser hair removal, compared to classic hair removal methods that remove only the tip of the hair strand, acts directly on its root.

The laser uses monochrome light, with a specific wavelength (808 nm) in order to selectively target the melanin contained in the hair bulb. The light energy is transformed into thermal energy (selective photothermolysis) causing the elimination of the bulb and the cells that regenerate it and therefore the durability over time is prolonged.

It is recommended to get 10 sessions, every 4 weeks, for maximum efficiency.


Difference between Laser Diode / I.P.L

Laser diode

90% of the energy absorbed by hair

This allows us to treat: blonde, brown, black hair. White and red hair cannot be treated with either laser or IPL because it is melanin free

60 °/70 °C – we cause the protein denaturation of the two proteins that will produce more hair.

Faster and more cost effective

Without a subscription


30% light absorbed by hair;

70% of the light is absorbed by the skin, therefore it feels very heated. Cannot treat dark skin, just phototypes from I to III, maximum IV

50 °C – only slows down hair growth

Slower and more expensive

Requires a subscription


Laser Benefits:

– Hair removal

– Visible results from the first session

– It works even on tanned skin

– Treats even blond and thin hair

– Folliculitis treatment

– Ingrown hair treatment

– Improves stains

– Improves blood flow

– Lowers sweating and odors in the armpit area


Steps before the procedure:

– do not expose yourself to the sun 2/3 days in advance

– Waxing – NONE (at least 15 days in advance)

– Dry skin – Peeling in order to remove “dead” cells

– Shaving – 1 day before Laser Hair Removal